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With NodeJs, we can leverage our Javascript skills to build server side applications. Express Js is a very popular server side framework for NodeJs.

Typescript is a “superset of javascript” which helps us to add types to our javascript code. By catching errors and providing fixes before we ran our code, typescript can help us save time and write more quality code. Any valid JavaScript code is valid Typescript code.


You will need a basic understanding of REST API development using Express framework for Node JS.

Step 1: Create project folder

Create a new folder on your computer. Let’s…

I decided to spend 30 minutes every day for 30 days to learn React. I nicknamed this project React 3030. This is day 2.

On day 1, I created a new react project using create react app. An app created with Create React App has a well defined folder structure.As shown below, there are three folders: node_modules, public and src.

I decided to spend 30 minutes every day for 30 days to learn React. I nicknamed this project React 3030. These are things I accomplished on day 1.

React is a JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. React was developed by Facebook.

In another medium article, I explain how most modern web apps have 2 parts: frontend and backend. The backend, also known as the “server side” is like the “engine” of the app. It handles the application logic, database connections, authentication and authorization, among other things.This backend is hidden from the users of the app.

The front end…

The fact that there are many languages can make the path to becoming a software developer very confusing to a beginner. When you go online or read books, you’re faced with several of these languages: Java, JavaScript, c++, Go, Dart, Python, Ruby, C#, PHP and the list goes on.

Someone might ask “ Do I need to know how to write code in all these languages?” “Should I pick one, two or three languages when I start learning to code?”.

The fact is, most software developers can write code in more than one language. They however started by first mastering…

A Software developer is someone who creates Computer Software. Most people use at least one or more software daily, some of the commonest being WhatsApp, Netflix, Google search engine, Microsoft Word, Windows Operating System.

A Software developer writes special instructions for computers to process using what is known as a programming language. Like Human languages allow human beings to communicate with one another, a programming language allows a software developer to tell the computer what to do. Examples of programming languages are PHP, Javascript, Java, C, C++, C#, Dart, Python, and Go.

These instructions could take various forms such as…

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